Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Basement Renovations

So we have finally started the boys bedrooms in the basement. Hurray for that I can say I have to very excited boys even with just seeing suds.lol We are waiting for the guys to come & make sure my little ones are warm & blow insulation. Then we can drywall & carpet I am not a big fan I will say with a cement floor it is best. I am wondering why does it seem to take so long to get things done? I know it's just the way life is with running around, school work, meetings, hockey & just everyday life. I will say when we do get going on 3 year projects it feels great & not a moment to soon with now having a 13 year old boy in the house or as he would say a "Man".lol. If you have any picture's you would like to share with me on renovations you are doing feel free I would love to see them. Hugs & Kisses Curly.

This will be Jakob's room.

This will Be Holdyn's room.

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